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The Student Windsurfing Association
Student Windsurfing Festival in Weymouth 2002

It started with a kiss!!

The SWA exploded in to the new-year with the biggest student windsurfing event yet, in fact, it was quite possibly the biggest windsurfing event ever held in the UK, boasting 270 competitors and with over 380 attending the fun and frolics at the party on the Saturday night.

The colourful name was a curiosity that got the better of many, only those who attended have the t-shirt to explain its true meaning!!

  • Location - Weymouth and Portland Sailing Academy
  • Weather - Light winds on Sat, Gales on Sun
  • Party - Hawaiian/Aussie!
  • Attendance - 270+ Windsurfers, 382 at the Social!!



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Please click logo to link to their website - we are very grateful for their support

Check out the photos, results or recall your favorite moments

Exeter event went off.......................................shore!!!!!

Eliminating Springboredom

Awesome event guys...You can read all about it in May's addition of "Windsurf Mag"

A big, big thank you to Cambridge for hosting it. This was a great warm-up for the grand finallie at the BUSA nationals

  • Location - Gratham
  • Weather - Moderate/Fresh winds all weekend
  • Party - Home and Garden (?!?!? It was funny though!)
  • Attendance - 150 - We maxed out the capacity at the party venue!


Please go to their website - we are very grateful for their support

Check out the photos to recall your favorite moments
Bristol's 'Virgin' Event
Well, did we Come in cider...?!

Wedgies, Rubix Cubes, Hypersonics, Black marker pens and muchos clothes swapping...

Bristol pulled off a great event...see the pics and results here, but for more info on the event, you're just gonna have to go buy next months windsurf mag...!

  • Location - Axbridge Reservoir
  • Weather - Sunny Skies and Moderate winds
  • Party - Rubix Cube!
  • Attendance - 85 Windsurfers, 200 at the Social!!





and a free windsurfing holiday in Sardinia thanks to...